The shopper’s journey begins online

Engaging shoppers during their initial search is key to increasing foot traffic of those with high purchase intent 76% of shoppers who search for an item online visit a store within a day. 1

Two-thirds of eCommerce customers are just browsing with the intention of purchasing in-store. 2

Online channels increasingly influence offline sales in Malls.

Shopping malls that control the buying experience from start to finish boost sales


Get the most out of your product data too

Endless possibilities begin once your products are online.



Increased organic SEO traffic

Shoppers are currently performing millions of product searches everyday on google. By adding hundreds of new product keywords to your website, your website will immediately start to see an uplift in organic search traffic. By making it easy for shoppers to find the products they are searching for, they are more likely to then journey to your mall vs purchasing the item online. Not only are you driving more traffic to your website, but the traffic is targeted to those with high purchase intent, since they are searching for individual products that they are typically looking to purchase.

Plus more features

• Customer profiles, insights & trends.
• Personalised promotions, search results and recommendations.

Using the Mall Ops platform you gain insights into shopper demand, and can use this to further understand and plan your retailer mix. Further, you are able to profile individual shoppers based on their search terms, and tied in with your existing Wi-Fi data, you are able to incentivize shoppers based on the search queries they are performing.




The Searchable Mall Platform for growing sales

Drive shoppers with high purchase intent into your mall with powerful product search and browsing,
and increase sales for your retailers.

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3. Source: 2016 NAB Quantium for online sales. 2020F Urbis Estimates for online sales. Forester for online influence for 2015. Estimates for online influence 2020F
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